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Keynote Speech "The mission of AUVSI and the role of small UAVs in transforming disaster prevention, emergency response, and military operations" JDKA-1

Special Session "Efforts to promote the drone industry, METI"Special Session JDSS-1-①

Special Session"Inauguration of Level 4 flight and recent regulatory changes"JDSS-1-②

Special Session "Social Implementation and Policy Development of Digital Lifeline" JDSS-1-③

Exhibitor Session "Business positioning of type certification and necessary preparations for certification "EP-1


Exhibitor Session "Comprehensive Guide to Drone Security from a Hacker's Perspective" EP-2

MOBILITY PROFESSIONAL SEMINOR "How to turn drone aerial photography from a hobby to a career" MPS-2

Keynote Speech "The efforts of the Digital Agency for reviewing "Analog Regulation""JDKA-2

MOBILITY PROFESSIONAL SEMINOR "Challenges and Prospects for Aircraft Authentication Technology"MPS-3

Special Session "Railway×eVTOL - the Possibility for New Collaboration -"IASS-1


Keynote Speech "The efforts toward drone application of MIC" JDKA-3

Special Session "BEYOND 2025~AAM The Traffic Management and Social Acceptance~" IASS-2

MOBILITY PROFESSIONAL SEMINOR "Overseas Strategy starts from Mongolia's Air Logistics Innovation" MPS-5

Keynote Speech "The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration: Safety Integrating Drones into the National Airspace System " IAKA-1

MOBILITY PROFESSIONAL SEMINOR "Trends of AAM in the U.S. and Challenges in Japan" MPS-6

Special Session "Latest drone technology to revolutionize the inspection business " JDSS-2

Exhibitor Session "AWS support for drone companies" EP-4

Forum "Report on the Disaster Relief Efforts in the Noto Peninsula Earthquake of 2024 and Future Prospects "

Keynote Speech "Advanced Air Mobility: Global standards advancing technology," IAKA-2

Exhibitor Session "Operation Realization of "Flying Cars" in Wakayama Prefecture" EP-5

MOBILITY PROFESSIONAL SEMINOR "Social Adoption of Drone Solutions and Business Opportunities It Brings" MPS-7

MOBILITY PROFESSIONAL SEMINOR "Lightweight, ultra-high-speed rotating gas turbine generator realized with new bearings "Tentative)" MPS-8

Special Session "Air Mobility Industry Strategy 2024 for the Czech Republic " IASS-3

Exhibitor Session "The future of “national qualification” in the drone industry" EP-6

"Practical Application of Advanced Technology in Defense Sector "EP-7

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